Our Bulls

We offer two different bull attachments: cowhide and fibreglass. Cowhide offers a more realistic-looking bull with a pattern unique to each bull. Alternatively, fibreglass offers a more durable option that’s suitable outdoors in both warm and wet climates.

All of our Rodeo Bull systems come with a two-year mechanical parts and labour warranty, and the first annual service is included.


A realistic rodeo experience

Our real, professionally-fitted cowhide bodies make our bulls look even more realistic. Cowhide bodies also come with a full-sized black leather saddle. We only source our cowhides from responsible UK companies.

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Great performance and durability

Our fibreglass hair-textured bodies are durable and suitable in all weathers, ideal for high usage. They can be produced in a choice of colours, and come complete with a black decorative saddle mounted into the body.

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Fancy something different?

Our base system can be used with a range of different attachments. From dinosaurs to unicorns, we’ve got a variety of different designs to choose from!